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Tech Startups in Singapore Are Getting Together to Resolve Problems in the Food Industry

Business parks in Singapore need access to reasonably-priced food which is sold via “hawkers”. One tech startup is delivering for business park workers in the island city-state, by creating self-collection kiosks which are “smart”. This tech startup is assisting food hawkers by helping them to gather new customers and boost their business proceeds.

In addition, another startup with a tech focus is utilizing analytics for data in order to track the browsing/ordering activity of restaurant patrons. It’s all about using the right metrics in order to place items on menus properly and to price menu items effectively, with a mind to generating more profits.

Information about these two Singaporean startups was released recently during a FoodTech Solutions Session, which was put together by an organization called the Action Community for Entrepreneurship. This organization is located within the JTC LaunchPad at One North.

Around one hundred guests went to the session, which was centered on modern challenges that the beverage and food industry faces. The biggest roadblocks to success are higher operating expenses and problems finding labor.

The first tech startup that we mentioned, which assists food hawkers at business parks, is called and it works its high-tech magic by gathering food orders in the a.m., sending the orders to the food hawkers, picking up the orders and then delivering the orders to smart dispensers which allow for self-collection.

FastBee’s clever innovations assist hawkers with making money and also allow business park employees to access more variety in their daily lunch diet! So, it’s clearly win-win!

TabSquare Offers Premium Data Analytics

Restaurant management is very challenging and another tech startup, TabSquare, which is directed by Chiraq Tejuja, has come up with a way to make it all easier. Its data analytics system for eatery management is designed to give managers information which helps them to get more customers and make more from every table that is served.

Right now, lack of manpower is an overarching problem in the food and beverage industry. As well, staff turnover is high and this means stress for restaurant managers and owners. The new program from TabSquare is designed to take some of the pressure off.

Singapore Is a Great Place for Tech Startups

Singapore has become a hub for fintech and it’s a great place for tech startups in general! One reason why Singapore is so impressive in this niche is the fact that its government goes the extra mile in order to support tech entrepreneurs and startups. For example, lots of grants are available to tech startups and mentorship and non-grant funding is also quite easy to access.

The government, as well as key industry players, such as big banks and tech corporations, understand that nurturing tech innovation in Singapore is to the whole’s nation’s benefit.

Clearly, tech startup owners in Singapore are gaining traction and delivering valuable technology to those who need it. The two tech startups that we’ve mentioned here just scratch the surface. They are filling a need in the modern marketplace.

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