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Tech That Gives Start-ups Access To Investors

The process of finding investors to finance potentially profitable business ideas or models so that they could become executable as realized business ventures used to be a truly daunting task for business-inclined people with amazing ideas. This is what often follows after much ideation, vetting, honing and perfecting business ideas, models, products or service concepts that brilliant innovators do with the hope of turning them into real ventures in the retail cycle. The proverbial knocking on doors and pitching these ideas to people, groups of people or organizations used to be done by start-up owners literally — via legwork, pitch work and a whole lot of keeping your fingers crossed afterwards.

Those days are over. Now there’s an online platform that enables start-ups to get direct access to potential investors simply by hooking up with them via The site simplifies investor relations during the early stage of the financing process. Through, investors could likewise explore people, groups of people and start-up companies whose business ideas or fledgling operations could use some financial boost to enable scaling. The two-way traffic allows start-ups a better way to manage communications with investors while also increasing their visibility online while in the process of raising seed capital.

Free Service makes it so much easier for start-ups to get the right kind of connection going simply by offering the online service for free to them. Investors who would want to access the site for potential ventures with start-ups are the ones who pay a fee to use the platform. This is why the online business venture hook-up platform attracts a large number of business idea incubators; accelerators, conferences and business plan competitions. Start-ups however need to exert the right kind of making their presence felt by potential investors by presenting their business ideas online via the following steps:

  1. Start-ups access potential accredited investors in the network by creating a secure company profile to present. All information that’s necessary for investors to get interested could be provided by start-ups.
  2. Start-up accounts could be accessed to bear pitch videos or slide decks that they could share online with investors who wish to learn more about what start-ups have in mind for a business model or idea.
  3. Investors then begin accessing the secure platform once they begin managing deals with start-ups. Since both start-ups and investors could use the same platform, both parties could monitor the ensuing deals or partnerships that might follow efficiently.

Venture Capitalism Online

Business ideas for new products, service concepts or business models aren’t the monopoly of veteran industrialists or longtime business owners. Ideators and innovators working for companies also do not have the sole capability to come up with brilliant ideas for business. There are millions of others out there just as enterprising, brilliant and just as competent to think up new things that could prove profitable when turned into actual businesses. With online platforms that efficiently connect ideators with business people that could bankroll their ideas like, venture capitalist opportunities increase to benefit both sides of the equation.

Start-up companies are more likely to have investors interested in them once they do all the right things necessary online towards the funding of their brilliant business ideas. Online platforms that enable such also offer start-ups the ability to get the right kind of tech that could break down the elements that investors want to see in business ideas. This is the kind of platform that has successfully enabled close to 5,500 start-ups, via, to receive $1.8B in funding — and it’s not a bad figure at all!

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