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10 Ways To Display Leadership To Your Employees

Leadership is one of the most favoured qualities in a human being. Having leadership gives you the ability to inspire others and get them motivated. By not demonstrating strong leadership skills it becomes more difficult to be able to sustain a hard working workforce. A leader needs to be able to effectively communicate with the group of employees. Here is a list of ten ways on how to inspire your employees:


As we all know a leader needs to show good communication and charisma. Without the leader being assertive through communication, the employees will not know their place. By speaking to a number of employees it will show them that you are their leader because you addressing them as a whole. However, it is also useful to speak to the employees on an individual basis as this leads to a better relationship and rapport.

Body Language

This is a crucial way to exert power and dominance. It is suggested that just rolling up your sleeves and revealing your wrists helps people to feel that you are open to them. Standing up straight and having a good posture could also make you appear more dominant. Little things like smiling and eye contact can also make the difference to the way people see and approach you.


Presenting yourself and making it so you seem like you take pride in your looks will encourage someone to listen to you. If your suit or attire is messy or unprofessional, then you will undoubtedly be displaying less authority.

Keep it Fresh

Changing your approach regularly will keep the employees excited and involved. Perhaps different training plans or changing activities will help sustain employee motivation. Playing motivational group ways is an excellent way to let the group get on. And by being the instigator of the game it will show that you are in charge. Websites such as Buzzle have a wide array of games ready for people to play.


By being happy and optimistic it shows the employees that you are positive, giving them something to be positive about too. If you had a negative persona then that negativity would pass on to the workforce and make them become unmotivated.


Incentivising people is vital to any successful business. A leader needs to offer intrinsic and extrinsic rewards. Those intrinsic rewards can be touched by a good leader. A good leader would need to make a worker or workforce feel special and wanted. It is often thought that a person who can motivate someone intrinsically is the most valuable type of leader.


Motivating staff is really down to the leader. A leader has the power to motivate an entire unit of people. Some leaders choose to motivate with tangible awards such as money, others try to motivate their willpower and inspiration with praise. A good leader should have the ability to rely on both the intangibles and tangibles, but the best may not have to turn to the extrinsic factors as they have the ability to appeal to their emotions.  .


A passionate leader is one of the most important attributes required. If the leader is passionate about their field then so will be their team if they are communicating in the right way. It is not only important to be communicating in a passionate way but it is crucial to carry out your work and complete it efficiently and professionally, this two demonstrates passion.

Be a Role Model

Being a role model in front of the rest of your work force is very important also. You need to set the work ethic, the leader should have an enthusiastic state of mind and superior expertise, and then others will follow you and respect you.

Learn what it Takes to be a Leader

Stay ahead of the curve. In order to be a leader you need to have knowledge in how you can lead people. Leading people takes initiative and know how. Through completing research on the psychology of employees and how to motivate them, it will keep you one step ahead.

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