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The Basics On Flyers: What You Really Need To Know When Creating One

The flyer is a document – depending on how you design it and depending on the message you wish to convey (and how it is conveyed), it can either be a powerful piece of literature or some scribbling that ends up in the bin. Your aim when designing a flyer is to get the receiver (the reader) to act – and this requires some understanding of your audience.

The truth is it’s not that hard to make sure your message comes across the way you intend it to; you just have to follow some basic guidelines. Do you have an upcoming event? Are you promoting a new product or service? Are you inviting people? Here are the basics on flyers: what you really need to know when creating one.

Pick the right size

You’ll be better off having your flyers printed by a professional flyer printing service, so check with them first to see what sizes they have available. It’ll affect your budget, the kind of imagery you want to use and the space available for text.

Start with the image

The image will be an important part of your message; often the most important emotion you can evoke is done by a painting, drawing, or photograph. Think about the imagery first but make sure you still have enough space available for the words you need to print.

Deliver your message

Your message should be as short as possible – however, it should contain some important elements. Consider the following:

  • What? What’s happening? What are you selling?
  • Where? Where is the event taking place? Where are you located?
  • When? When does the party start? When can they contact you?
  • Never forget your contact information!
  • Have a call to action – tell them what you want them to do.

Use colour to attract

Some colours naturally attract attention, others don’t. However, each colour evokes a different emotion, so make sure you use your colours to their full advantage.

Print quality flyers

If you give a person a poorly-printed flyer from an unreliable (or bad) flyer printing service, he or she automatically gets a negative impression. Print quality fliers.

Remember that your flyer is a marketing tool – regardless of whether your flyer’s aim is to encourage people to buy a product, avail of a service, attend a convention or do anything else; its main goal is to convince the reader to take a specific course of action. Knowing that, never forget to include a call to action. This could be “contact us now!”, “help save the children” or “avail of our free offer!” It could be anything, depending on your message. But never forget the call to action (and, of course, contact details). The reader must know what to do, and how to do it.

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