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The Buyer’s Guide To Buying Budget Mobiles

With the new innovations and many new technologies coming in there is a wide range of phones available to the people to select from. There are various top trending 4g mobiles that are available in the market. These phones are segregated on the following basis

  1. Operating system
  2. Color and display
  3. Price
  4. Storage
  5. The SIM card it can support (2G, 3G, 4G)

Due to so many choices, it is very difficult for a person to understand which mobile phones are the best for them. So let me make it easier for u, here are some steps or guidelines that u can follow while thinking of or buying a mobile phone online.

The Operating System:

there are a lot of operating systems from which we can choose. IOS, Android, and windows. Though windows is not a widely available operating system today. But to choose between IOS and android we must know our comfort level with the system. IOS is easy to understand and gets the latest applications whereas if we want storage space and work efficiency we can always go for the latest smartphone.

The Screen Size and Display:

the screen size should be such that it fits in the hands of a person easily. If the use of the phone is for gaming, watching videos and other purposes a screen above 5.5 inches is the best solution. But if the purpose is normal calling, chatting and mails the best screens are below 5.5 inches as they allow one hand operation and handling. You can also check a variety of mobiles under 10000.

The 4k display is too overrated and we must look for the AMOLED displays which allow safety to the eyes as well as the ability to use our phones outdoors.

The Camera:

the camera with the best image quality, focus and lenses is the most important requisite while buying a phone. The megapixels don’t ensure the image quality and image sharpness. The mobile should have all the modes like portrait and landscape. The night photography and the low light picture mode are more important than the megapixels of the phone.

Battery Backup:

The battery backup is the essential element of the phone. The phone that runes more than 10 hours on the charged battery is by far the best model that can be used. A nice battery backup phone allows the user to be free from the worries of the phone getting switched off and blacking out.

Promotional Strategies: 

With many new companies coming into the market many mobile phone manufacturers put up mobile phones deals to attract customers and lure them into buying the product. Some of the major promotional activities done by the sellers are:


There are many offers on the latest smartphones so check out 4G mobile price that are going to hit the market. These are schemes that allow the people to pre-book it at a lower cost.

Give Away: 

Many online websites and companies organize many events such as the launch of the product, online quiz, lottery and team up with tech gurus to lure the people and give free mobile handsets away.

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