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Published on June 21st, 2016 | by Alice Aires


The Importance Of Building Information Modelling

Architects generally need to make a lot of decisions before confirming the plans for a new building. The construction of a new building is actually a layered process. The first step is to get the plans and designs approved by an independent committee. Once the basic plans have been approved and the site has been selected, the next step is to start hiring a contractor and a construction firm in order to start building work on the project.

Obviously, because this is such a major undertaking, it’s important to model each and every thing in order to ensure that specific outcomes are delivered on time and milestones are achieved. Small delays will actually lead to a much bigger delay, thus eventually causing you to lose money. That is one of the main reasons why many companies and architectural firms now use building information modelling.

What Is Information Modelling?

The concept of information modelling is not entirely new to the architecture industry. In fact, many companies had been using some sort of modelling processes even before software systems were implemented to allow for easy exchange of information. Basically, information modelling allows a team to get the information from one person to another at the right time, thus preparing for effective decision-making and accurate planning.

How Does Modelling Work?

Information modelling is a step-wise procedure. It primarily begins with a conceptual design of the building, which is then modelled and a more detailed design is produced. A thorough analysis is carried out in order to check whether the design is feasible or not. Once the analysis has been completed, proper documentation is produced in order to present the plans before the local building council. When the approval from the building council has been received, the next step is fabrication. This includes procuring different items and acquiring raw materials that will be used in the construction of the building. There are private companies such as Red Stack which offer modelling services to architectural firms and construction companies.

Then the building model will be constructed in 4D and 5D in order to get an actual, accurate representation of what the finalised building will look like. The architectural firm will then consider the construction logistics in order to make sure that the delivery of raw materials will occur on time and that all operational and maintenance procedures will be handled accurately.

Why Is It Important?

Companies such as Red Stack offer detailed information modelling services to benefit their customers. Building modelling is essential before undertaking such a large project because of the consequences of poor planning. If anything goes wrong during the construction, a lot of time, money and effort will be lost. In order to mitigate these risks, the chief architects use a variety of models. It’s important for every man on the job to know exactly what he is required to do. That is why it’s vitally important to create detailed models of all the different processes before proceeding through the stages.

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