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The Modern Desktop – Is It All In One?

In an era dominated by laptops, smart devices and other small gadgets, it can be easy to forget about the humble, traditional desktop PC. It is often, mistakenly, overshadowed by laptops and other new computing trends but this shouldn’t be the case.

Modern desktops still have plenty of advantages and benefits that are difficult to find elsewhere. Whether for personal or professional use, there is a lot to be gained from the likes of all in one pcs, which combine the most recent of computer technologies into one handy, flexible computer.


All in one PCs shrink everything down into one compact unit. Everything revolves around the monitor, including your actual computer, touch screen, speakers, wireless and other features. Needless to say, this saves table space but it also saves room under the desk. Without the actual larger unit that sits under the desk, or next to the monitor, plenty of space can be saved in the process.

Likewise, cables become less of a hassle when you’re not connecting a monitor to the desktop. As an all-in-one option, all you need to connect are keyboards, mice and any other external peripherals you may need; keeping the management and amount of wires down to a bare minimum. Of course, if you utilise a wireless keyboard and mouse, this is even less.


These computers can also add a new level of interactivity to computers. The first major improvement is touch screen. Touch screen isn’t very common for desktops, yet the all-in-one PC can achieve this, as it comes with its own monitor designed to make the most of its services. This gives you touch screen on a scale much larger than a tablet or smartphone, something which makes it far easier to use.

Similarly, these devices can prove useful in other areas, such as having Freeview tuners and HD screens. This can prove useful for personal use or any industry or area where a strong focus on media is prevalent. An all-in-one PC can be your media editing suite, playback monitor and anything else you need it to be.

In short, this is just a quick assessment of all in one PCs and what they hold for the traditional desktop but it’s clear to see there are many strong applications and benefits of investing in the modern approach to the traditional PC.


About the Author

About the Author: Idania Silvia a freelance writer for many communities.

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