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The Most Important Facts On Burn Injuries – and Claiming Compensation

Burn injuries are painful and can leave lasting scars – both physically and emotionally. Whether they are caused by hot liquids, hot objects, chemicals, electrical wiring, or anything else, they are a serious matter and should be dealt with in a very serious manner. If you have ever been a victim of a burn injury, you may be able to claim compensation; you may actually be able to receive benefits that could help you deal with the traumatic events and your new life in ways you haven’t yet considered. Your claim could be quite high depending on the seriousness of the burn, how it has affected you, and who the responsible party is. Here are the important facts on burn injuries – and claiming compensation.

What your claim entails

Burn injuries can happen at any time, at any place, but are most often incurred due to accidents at work. Often a claim arises when people are injured whilst working with hot materials, electricity, or chemicals on the work premises as part of their duty. Claims can also arise due to unwanted incidents involving faulty machinery, faulty procedures such as a laser burn from laser treatment at a beauty salon or centre, or a disorganised and chaotic working environment. Your claim will entail a complete recording of the injury (which is why the recording in the accident book is so important), as well as witness accounts, any photographic material, and medical records. Any documentation that will further your claim will be important.

What to do in case of burn injury

If you have sustained an injury, it’s important to do the following:

  • Minor injuries. Remove the heat source immediately; remove any clothing or materials from the wound except if the piece of clothing or material is stuck. Run cool (but not ice cold) water over the wound to cool it down. Never use grease or butter, as this might increase the problem. Seek professional medical attention immediately.
  • Major injuries. Do everything as you would for minor injuries, but watch out for shock. Call emergency services immediately and ask someone to stay with you.

It’s important that you understand that you can often make a claim on a no-win-no-fee basis – meaning you can get legal assistance without having to pay a solicitor at the beginning of the procedure; the solicitor will get paid only if your compensation has been granted. This is not only a great help for you from a financial aspect, it is also a guarantee that the solicitor will do everything he or she can in order to get you your compensation (the solicitor’s pay depends on the outcome of the case – no win, no fee). If you’ve been a victim, you should get legal advice as soon as possible.

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