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The Ultimate Power Of SEO

What impacts your business revenue the most? Marketing… Publicity… Promotion…. Reaching out to the Masses… Standing out in the clutter in this cut throat world of competition… Boosting up of sales… Advertising… Increasing the number of customers or more?

Well, any business, whether new or old has the ability to reach out to the millions and most importantly, their target audience with the help of a clear and crisp marketing strategy. One of the most happening and effective marketing strategies that saves you from an uphill battle is the SEO, Search Engine Optimization.

The True Power of SEO

Search Engine Optimization is the ruling king of the W3 system. There are various ways by which one can grab the benefits of using SEO on their website, however, there are three basic elements that play the drums at all times. It all begins with the “Keyword search” as the starting point and takes you through the “On Page SEO” and ends at the finishing line with the “Off Page SEO”.

Keyword Search

Web crawlers or Web spiders are on the prowl at all times on the World Wide Web. It all works on the technique of identifying the most powerful words that best describe your business and are known to the masses, such that upon a search encountered on the search engine, your website pops up on the first page of the search results.

Gaining a comprehensive know-how of the keywords is half battle won for your URL to rank in the top and thereby increase the visibility of the website.

Unleash the Probable keywords for your Website

Let us take for example; you have an ecommerce website that sells baby clothing. What would be the best way to describe your business? Maybe your instant answer would be, baby clothing, however; is it seemingly counterintuitive? You never know, as your target group is the one that is seeks online shopping for baby clothing, not the one who seek information about them. So, ideally, a better way would be to optimize your website with keywords like “online shopping for baby clothes”, “shop online for baby clothing’, “Buy baby clothes online” etc. These keywords reach your target audience directly and thus, the visitors on your website are the ones that you have been seeking.

On Page SEO

The on page SEO encompasses different areas of your website that target your customer’s attention. They are basically the first line of information displayed on the website and visible to the viewer on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). They include varied different forms like the title, header tags, and 150 characters long descriptive information, inter linking of the contents divided into the sections in the website and more.

  1. Meta Tags – These include Title, Description and Header tags.
  2. Inter Linking Procedure

Off Page SEO

It is all about the inbound linking strategy of your website. This is more effective in terms of the ecommerce website where you require more number of customers visiting the website to make purchases. The technique used in off page SEO is to increase the number of backlinks of various other websites to your website. This way the search engine is able to pull up your website at ease most of the times.

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I am not just the writer of this article, but a person who has better experience in internet marketing for the past 5 years. This article is written by gathering all the analysis made from my experience.

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