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Published on January 17th, 2016 | by Jones MT


Tips On Choosing The Right Smartphone

In today’s day and age, personal mobile phones and smartphones are such an indispensable part of everybody’s lives that it is impossible to function in one’s day to day routine without one. Everybody has a different usage and preference of a smartphone, depending on their lifestyle and habits. However, surprisingly, when buying a new phone, many of us are still completely clueless as to what is best suited for us. There is a multitude of handsets with different features and different specialties, including crucial aspects such as the operating system. This is separate from the mobile network that one is selecting, and both go hand-in-hand in ensuring that you are satisfied with the performance of your personal mobile phone. A few simple tips can help you make the right, informed choice in the purchase of your mobile phone.

1. Understand Your Requirements

Each person has a different need for a cellphone depending on their lifestyle, personal choices and daily routine. For example, if one has a personal vehicle, one uses the mobile GPS more, as opposed to someone who uses public transportation. Some people may prefer listening to the radio on their mobile phones and not their personal playlist. Again, some minimalistic people only use their cell phones for calling and messaging. In this case, they do not need a smartphone at all and may only be jumping on to the bandwagon for lack of awareness. One must bear in mind that smartphones are expensive devices and if one is paying for features that one might never use then this is just a complete waste of their hard earned money.

2. Service Providers

Buying a cell phone has two aspects, the handset and the service provider. Often, individuals with expensive, efficient handsets are left dissatisfied because they never seem to have network coverage on their phones. Before signing up for a network provider, one must do their homework in and around their home and work locality. This can be done by checking the coverage maps located on each providers’ website. Also, to get realistic feedback, one should talk to other people using a particular network to see how they are faring with it and what they recommend.

3. Fix a Budget

If one has fixed a specified budget for buying a new smartphone, one has to realize that this budget will be divided between the handset and the service provider. One can even try and increase their budget a little by selling their old handsets on online portals such as Klymen. A handset is a one-time investment but the service provider and the data pack will cost you on a recurring basis. Again, the best thing to do here is to be aware of your personal preferences and requirement, especially when it comes to the data pack that you are applying for.

4. The Operating System

Operating systems form the backbone of the phones functionality and are often more or less difference between a satisfied customer and an unsatisfied one. Different operating systems differ vastly and anybody who is used to, say, the Android OS finds it difficult to switch to any other. Comparing the most popular four operating systems today, that is iOS, Android, Windows and Research, one can see that iOS and Android are in close competition for the most popular. iOS has a greater number of apps by a small margin, but Android is more easily available. Windows OS is ideal for those who like to complete their work on-the-go, while Research is preferred by those who like to check emails and browse the web on their phones.

5. Deciding on the Phone

Putting all the above functions together, one can decide which phone to purchase. Even so, it is very important to take the time to inspect the phone thoroughly before purchasing. One can test the phone to see whether they are comfortable with the size of the phone, the volume and whether the touch screen or buttons are in good working condition. Even the color and look of the phone can make a difference in deciding your satisfaction levels with your phone.

Buying a phone can be a simple thing as long as one does their background checks and is completely aware of what they are looking for before walking into the store to purchase the new smartphone.

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