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To Hire – Engine Friendly – Search Engine Optimizer

The most searched abbreviation, on the Search Engines Sites, today, is ‘SEO’ suffixed with Services, Experts etc.

SEO – ‘Search Engine Optimizer’ or ‘Search Engine Optimization’

What exactly are the functions of SEO, and how will he, i.e., The Search Engine OPTIMIZER, help in increasing the Site Awareness? This is the basic and the foremost question, for any farsighted businessman. This can be interpreted here, in the most systematic way. Before engaging, or selecting any SEO, one point should be taken into account, that, Every Coin Has Two Sides. The hired SEO can revamp your site, but also can create the negative impact on your site, as well. An extensive study has to be undertaken before hiring any SEO, to avoid the potential damages, any SEO can make.

How to decide on, hiring, ‘The Best of Best SEO’s?’. Firstly get a comprehensive check on the, business benefits rendered by any SEO. The Macro services, rendered by him can be formulated as under: –

1. Existing Site Analysis –

The Professional S.E.Optimizer will first analyze the existing site. Will Put forth his recommendations, and add the value of his appointment. Irrelevant data in the page, or additions of certain words will be his first priority.

2. Technological Suggestions –

This is the basic prerequisite of the best SEO. Whether a different script has to be used or not, like say JAVA or something else, should be confirmed by him. He should have the thorough knowledge of the Error Pages, Redirects, and Hosting and so on.

3. Material/Matter Enhancement –

Here the ‘material/matter’ is the current content of the page. The expected services rendered by – to be SEO – includes this. Definitely the value addition, in the form of changing to the graceful wordings is expected.

4. Online Business Crusades –

Here, the term Crusade is important. The Crusade – i.e. The Campaign, should be very aggressively undertaken. An Aggression, implied with the best Management, is expected from the SEO!!

5. Keyword Seek –

The Professionals working on, the, Internet and Online Business, should have the utmost knowledge of the phrase ‘Keyword Seek’.

6. The Short listed, (i.e. Not Selected Prospects), SEO, should be knowledgeable, with, well to do basic knowledge, in the area of the Company’s Business. Only then, he will be capable of expanding, the current business horizons.

‘BETTER LATE THAN NEVER’ – was the Gen X idiom, which ‘Gen Y’ has changed it to – ‘BE WITH THE TIME, OR OUT FOREVER!!!’

The best time to hire any SEO, is, when any corporate is planning to change the Site Design. There will always be Resistance to Change. But the resistance will be redundant in today’s world, if, the changes are not done in time. Before finalizing any SEO, the points to be noted can be summarized as under: –

1. Check on the past work, and the Client Favorable Accountability.

2. Experience in the current business.

3. The Total experience as SEO, & developing Multinational Sites.

4. All the changes in the existing site should be communicated to the hirer, before hand, and the detailed information should be provided about the same.

5. The important know-how’s, that will help in the business growth.

Important Points to Remember Before Hiring SEO Services:

1. Avoid the black listed SEO’s who have manipulated the search engine results.

2. Creation of a Shadow Domain – by the SEO, should be immediately rejected, as it will lead to unethical business on the bitter relations with him.

3. The Doorway Pages, loaded with lots of keywords, is a harmful business, as even the competitor’s keywords might be included in these pages, thus routing the link to the Competitor.


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