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Top 5 Advantages of Choosing a Dedicated Server Hosting

1. More security

A dedicated server is different from a server that is shared because it will protect your online disk space, your processor power and even the memory space. This is because your server is not being shared, and avoids sometimes traffic jammed or system crashed due to a certain sites from the same server. Your website has greater security and higher levels of control than you would on a shared server hosting comparing with a dedicated server. You can install any software of your choice without the fear of getting technically jammed or attacking from virus from the custom configuration . In order to provide additional security, the server can install a custom-made firewall service that increases the strength of security.

2. More reliability and more availability

You have no more worry about the common problems such as traffic clusters, server downtime and system errors that come along with shared hosting. You are able to maximize your website’s performance by a good dedicated server, as no one would share your hosting resources. Your business visitors cannot afford any downtime, slow loading or need to refresh page. The case is rare if you choose a proper dedicated hosting solution.

3. Convenience with remote server

Since you have the full control of the remote and virtual dedicated server, you can use all of the disk space and bandwidth that you require in order to maintain the website that you want, and have access to the server anywhere in the world as long as you have an Internet connection. It’s a big and important advantage for you to deal with server emergency cases.

4. Custom hosting solution suit your need

Your host will have the access to all the latest and useful software in server hardware, thus you can install all of the software that you need for your website’s operation, while leaving out the unnecessary and undesired. And furthermore, a good dedicated server hosting company always comes along with a good customer support team that are able to assist you anytime. Good dedicated hosting providers will also give you the opportunity to upgrade RAM, increase processor speed, and add more bandwidth whenever you need it.

5. Dedicated IP address and private SSL certificate

Dedicated servers can provide you with a dedicated IP address. If you are running a business portal or e-commerce website, they can protect your content by upload to your own secure space. And at the same time you will avoid issues such as spam, theft and dealing with illegal websites that could be sharing your own IP address. With your own private SSL certificate along and an anonymous FTP client, your website stays securely and that customers can make transactions without worrying about security. An anonymous FTP will allow users to share information across the Internet.

You can get what you pay for with the excellent dedicated server service. Dedicated servers with round the clock maintenance and support ensure that you website can afford high traffic at a single time, you website is keep up and running without any downtime always.

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