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Published on January 10th, 2013 | by Site Editor


Top 5 Marketing Tips & Tricks For 2013

New marketing strategies await to be formulated as the new year begins. However, the planning needs to be based on the tried and tested formulae that worked wonders last year. So what clicked in 2012? Quite a few things including the fantastic voyage to stratosphere courtesy Red Bull. Facebook, of course, wins hands down for its innovative mobile advertising, a sound effort that saw Mark Zuckerberg laughing all the way to the bank as his “opportunity on mobile” clicked big time.

Marketing TipsNow is the time to look ahead though and ponder about what’s going to work best when it comes to marketing in 2013. Here are some inputs. Do take a look…

  • Mobile Is the Advertisers’ Choice This Year

Mobile advertisements are here to stay as more and more people invest in the new age technologies. With Google and Facebook already showing the way, the advertisements on mobiles are going to create a huge impact. EMarketer predicts that the mobile is going to rule this year as it becomes the first choice of the advertisers.

  • Native Advertisement to Triumph

The traditional display advertisements are now passé thanks to the effective communication between a brand and its prospective consumer. The year 2012 saw an upsurge of such native advertisements courtesy Twitter and Facebook who employed it successfully. The trend is likely to remain popular this year as well with almost 33.33% of all publishers opting for streaming sponsored content. VP Communications for eMarketer, Fredricksen predicts- “We are seeing a dramatic upswing and we expect that to continue.”

  • Big Data- A Tool For Effective Marketing

Analyzing market trends and transforming them swiftly into profits can be done accurately with big data say the experts. In fact, it has become the key for success lately, a notion that has been proved conclusively during the Presidential Elections last November. Several companies have now jumped onto the bandwagon, creating tools for collecting big data for brands who can then utilize it to engage their consumers successfully.

  • Banner Advertisements Are Here To Stay

While an ungainly banner advertisement on a web page does put people off, they can have a dramatic effect too. This point was emphasized yet again when managed to lure visitors to their site by holding a poll by means of an interactive banner. IKEA managed to promote all its products in a similar manner while Gucci’s banner advertisement could be pinned directly to Pinterest. This helps to reinforce that there is nothing wrong in using an old idea as long as it is done cleverly. Randall Rothenberg, the CEO and president of IAB summed it up rather aptly, “people look at shitty banner ads and think the problem is the banner ads. The problem is shitty advertising.”

  • More ‘Likes’ does not mean More Business

Last year was crucial in proving that having a large number of followers on social media sites does not automatically mean brand engagement. On the contrary, the recent trends seem to indicate otherwise. While there is no harm in getting more ‘likes’ it is time to look beyond the numbers and try to invoke strategies that will help in engaging the followers more effectively.

Strategize, innovate and market your product! You are bound to be successful in no time at all! Good Luck!

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