SEO Top 5 Things You Must Know Before Hiring An SEO Company

Published on January 5th, 2014 | by Danielle Hilton


Top 5 Things You Must Know Before Hiring An SEO Company

The services and expertise of an SEO company can play a valuable role in your online business success. However, it will definitely cost you money for hiring a really good SEO company that can provide you results. With so many SEO companies that may be offering you their valuable services and professional SEO expertise, you need to know these 5 important things before you hire one.

1. Understand how a Professional and Expert SEO Company do their Job

Search engine optimization takes time. There is no magic trick that can help you gain a high ranking website immediately as soon as you begin your SEO campaign. Professional SEO companies that understand its job know this and their strategic approach in their SEO services will likely to be one consisting of building natural links to your site, posting original and unique contents and working to provide you consistent social media marketing campaigns. If an SEO company approaches you and offers you the promises of makingyour website rank high in the search engine instantly or within an unreasonable short period of time, they may likely attain that success using a black hat SEO strategy that can result in Google penalizing your website. You don’t want to run the risk of your website becoming penalized or worse being banned by the major search engine in the World Wide Web.

2. Make sure that the SEO Company understands your Business

 This is a crucial aspect whenever you are considering of hiring an SEO company. The success of an SEO marketing efforts does not only rely on the expertise of an SEO expert but it also relies on how he understands your business. Make sure to hire an SEO company that goes the extra mile of asking important details about your business and whose knowledge is not only limited in providing technical SEO support to your business. SEO technical expertise, in addition to the wide understanding about the nature of your business, is important for a successful SEO tactic and strategies to carry out your business SEO goals.

3. Bridging the Gap of Communication between you and an SEO Company

 Because SEO strategies usually take a long time before you can finally attain a successful online marketing positioning in terms of your website rank in the search engine, it is essential that an SEO company has the ability of keeping you on the loop throughout the process of working on your SEO campaigns. A good characteristic of a reliable SEO company is that it can communicate with you on a regular basis, making you understand about the progress and keeping you informed about the possible expectations that you should have regarding their SEO services overtime. Because it is your business after all, you have as much right to be informed about how far your investment is going with their SEO services.

Top 5 Things You Must Know Before Hiring An SEO Company

4. Learn how to Gauge an SEO Company Performance

While you are on the stage of getting to know the potential SEO companies to hire, you can make a quick rundown on their SEO performance and assess how good they really are in their SEO services. Good SEO companies will usually inform you that they will do the keyword research that will entail a thorough search process to find the relevant keywords or phrases to market your business and to drive traffic to your business site for relevant searches. Once an SEO company asks you to provide the keywords for them for your site optimization instead of searching them for your business, their SEO efforts, performance and services are likely to be poor.

5. Ask for the SEO Company Portfolio

 Many website owners fell into the trap of SEO firm scams that successfully devoured their investment for SEO marketing for their business without giving good results. Because SEO usually involves the technical aspect of driving traffic to a website, not all business owners truly understand how it works and have been paying to bogus SEO companies presenting themselves as experts in the field of SEO marketing without giving value for their money. In this case, prior to hiring an SEO company you can always ask for their portfolio and ask for references of website owners to whom they worked with. Make sure to take the time to contact the website owners and ask for feedback regarding the SEO services of the company before hiring them.

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