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Top 5 Video Game Consoles

There’re very few people in this world or we should rather say no people in the world who tend to dislike games or sports. There’re various platforms out there which could help us playing in the virtual world. Gaming Consoles are the perfect weapon if you want to drag yourself to entertainment through online gaming. Gaming consoles are truly made for gaming, nothing else. You won’t get any lags or frame rate drops by playing through your gaming console. But, your gaming console must be good-enough to deliver utmost performance. Let’s discuss about the top gaming consoles which are available till now.

Sony Playstation 3 Super Slim 250 GB

Sony Playstation 4 is coming in this Q3 or Q4 of 2013 and till then, PS3 is one of the very few consoles out there which prove itself worthy of taking in any game experience.  There are a lot of modifications in designs as it’s very slim and easier to hold.



  • Higher in Price (priced at $268.75)
  • The Sliding Disc Tray Looks Odd
  • It doesn’t deliver a Premium feeling
  • It doesn’t have any infrared IR Port

Microsoft Xbox 360 S

Microsoft is in the same position as PS3 but now it comes with a sleeker design while keeping up with the old features as well. We’ve been hearing about the upcoming Xbox 720. But, Xbox 360 can still win your “gaming” heart.


  • Comes with Sleeker Design
  • Doesn’t make any sound while operating
  • Less Heating
  • Brings Kinect Port
  • It has Built-in Wi-Fi, Five USB Ports


  • Old Hard Drive
  • D-Pad Controller hasn’t been changed
  • No cables for HD Gaming

Nintendo Wii U Deluxe Set


  • First HD Gaming in Nintendo Network
  • Two-Screen Gaming Experience
  • Compatible with Old Wii Games
  • Five Players can Play
  • It offers Placeshifting Play


  • Lags in OS loading
  • Short Battery Storage
  • Graphics are far behind than Xbox360 and PS3

Nintendo 3DS XL

It’s a portable gaming console with lots of functions and filled with games.


  • Very nice and Stylish looking portable gaming device
  • It provides 3D functions
  • It’s smaller but very tough and sturdy


  • Many Games are missing
  • Screen is Pretty smaller and when it’s connected to larger screen, the graphics shows poor performance
  • It doesn’t carry right circle pad
  • 3D effect is not so effective

Sony Playstation Vita (Wi-Fi)

It’s the best portable gaming device ever made. It may cost a lot but the features are amazing and it can thrill you right in the beginning.


  • Comes with 5-inch OLED screen
  • Graphics are similar with “Old” and larger PS3
  • Excellent Battery Life
  • Larger Gaming library


  • Hidden Costs are there
  • Unknown On-board Storage

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