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Top Apple Accessories For iPhone 5

Undoubtedly, iPhone is the highest selling mobile phone in the world, thanks to Steve Jobs we live in a better world, where information and entertainment are now in the palm of our hands. After its great success, Apple didn’t stop innovating and brought some amazing products like iPad and Apple Watch to the market. It is interesting to know how people use their iPhones other than making and receiving calls. The iPhone 5 brought us new exciting possibilities and bundle of new attachments and accessories. If you have used them, you’d know that once you get used to them, it becomes very hard to survive without their aid. While you can take a look at more apple watch accessories here, we get straight to our top 3 iPhone 5 accessories in Vogue.

Apple In-Ear Headphone

Apple’s in-ear headphone comes with a remote and mic. What can you do with it? Go figure! Now you don’t have to take your iPhone in and out to change the music, just use the remote and play whichever song you like. Oh, your baby kiddo is listening to poems on your iPhone 5, don’t worry, you can change the rhymes without letting him know, totally amazing. Moreover, the headphone also offers a woofer plus tweeter in both earpieces, meaning that quality and sound are not an issue, while silicone ear tips inject painlessly in your ear holes to give you comfort for hours. There are three available sizes (small, medium, large) to sort out for age difference.

Apple Wireless Keyboard

A wireless keyboard liberates you both physically and mentally, when typing fast becomes your need. This is ideal for people who need a physical keyboard on the move. Don’t worry about connectivity; the wireless keyboard plug-ins in a jiffy, while you can disconnect with the slide of a finger. Doesn’t matter how many emails you have to compose or reply, the Apple wireless keyboard is here for your rescue. You can even write contents of your website or blog on your iPhone.

iHome AirPlay Wireless Speaker System

Experience the music with iPhone 5’s amazing iHome AirPlay wireless speakers that take your deserted life in the oasis of beats and boom. The attachment has been made easier with a simple jack plug, while the speakers themselves can be charged with the help of its USB cable. Once charged, take them to the park or any open spot and inject some musical frenzy in the environment.

Here are our top 3 iPhone 5 accessories, but there are loads of others that you should buy from Amazon, eBay or from, according to your need.

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