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Types of Perks Veterans Should Seek out When Returning from Duty

In honor and gratitude toward the brave men and women serving the United States, many different benefits are offered to veterans.  Returning vets should seek out and take advantage of some of these perks that have been put in place as a way for America to give back and say thank you.  Here is a compilation of just some of the perks that are available to United States Veterans.

Insurance Benefits 
Servicemembers’ Group Life Insurance is offered for service members and covers up to a maximum of $400,000.   Coverage for spouses is also available through Servicemembers’ Group Life Insurance and will cover up to a maximum of $100,000.  Children of service members are added into coverage at no cost and are covered for $10,000.

Education Benefits 
Active duty and full-time National Guard men and women who have been serving a minimum of two years and also have put in $1200 for the Montgomery GI Bill can seek education benefits known as the Chapter 30 program which pays for tuition and fees.  This can really make college for affordable for those wishing to attend.

VA Home Loan  
Service members who have served continuously on active duty for 90 days become eligible for VA home loan guaranty.  This allows the qualified buyer to buy a house without putting a down payment down and also they will not be required to pay monthly mortgage insurance premiums.  This is really a great deal and qualifying service members are encouraged to fill out a VA Loan Application today!

Vehicle purchasing 
Assistance is available to purchase or to adapt a vehicle for service members that have a qualifying disability that occurred as a result of active service.

Health Care Benefits 
In an emergency situation, there are VA health care facilities that are available for service members that are actively serving.  These VA health care facilities can also be used if referred by military treatment facilities due to Sharing Agreements.

Veteran’s Advantage Card 
This card was was founded by veterans in 2001 as a way to show thankfulness to those servicemen and women that have served the country.  The card, VetRewardsCard, allows the user to receive many discounts off of leading brands.  It can be used by veterans of the U.S. Military, Active Duty Militay, National Guardsman or Reservists, and also by spouses or next of kin family members.  This card saves thousands of dollars on name brands including United Airlines, Red Roof Inn, Apple, Dell, Wendy’s, Greyhound, CVS/pharmacy, Verizon Wireless, Ford, HBO, and Target, just to name a few.  To use it, one simply has to flash it to get the discounts accompanied with it.  This can definitely a great perk for the entire family.

There are many perks and benefits that can be used by veterans who are returning from duty.  Although there can never be enough done to say thank you to those who offer up their lives to serve this country, these benefits can take off some of the financial burdens of life and hopefully therefore some stress.

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