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Published on April 21st, 2018 | by Jelena D


Understanding Mobile Marketing

Let’s first look at modern Internet marketing in order to understand how cell phone marketing works. Anyone who surfs the web will know that they will encounter banner ads, pop up advertisements, and clickable ads too. These are all distributed by a variety of websites and networks after the advertiser has made special arrangements with them to do so. Mobile marketing is going to work in much the same way, only it will use a different set of tools to meet the needs of the devices that consumers use to surf the Mobile Web.

The Mobile Web is a sort of secondary version of the Internet because it requires WAP or wireless access protocols and streamlined computer languages to accommodate the limited amount of data transfer and display capabilities of wireless devices. When someone surfs the Mobile Web they will encounter many of the same marketing efforts as the traditional Internet, including banner ads, but they will also receive SMS messages and clickable coupons too.

Fundamentally, mobile marketing is seeking the same results as traditional online marketing – to convert a viewer into a customer. The same click through rates are documented by the advertiser to measure the success of their mobile marketing campaign and the same sort of distribution systems will be used as well.

Because more and more consumers are using Mobile Web services on a monthly and annual basis, more and more companies are optimizing their sites for cell phones and engaging marketing campaigns too. The success rate of these campaigns is going to depend upon their choice of distributor, but in general they tend to provide very measurable results.

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