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Published on February 28th, 2014 | by Sophie S.


Useful Tip To Choose The Best Vocabulary Apps

If you are planning to sit for TOEFL or SAT tests or are learning English as your second language, there is something you must know. It is very important to expand your vocabulary. There are many ways to do that. Whatever you do, primary importance should be given to repeated exposure to words and their meanings. Few of the conventional ways of expanding vocabulary skills include – reading a dictionary, making note of new words learnt in a personal diary, playing scrabble and solving crossword puzzles. Students using smartphone are using different vocabulary apps. With the help of the right vocabulary or dictionary app it is possible to strengthen listening, writing, and reading skills. Wondering how? Read on…

Learning Vocabulary using Mobile Application

A reputed dictionary app for example – Divii – Video Dictionary can help in a number of ways to expand your vocabulary. With it you can learn new words and usages while watching videos. It is possible to save the meaning of words in the form of a customised dictionary. You can revise those saved words in your free time. Moreover, a good dictionary app will also help you learn the right pronunciations and spellings. Divii provides feasible video examples of the words that you learn. There are a few other great vocabulary building apps in the market. Let’s discuss how those apps can help people develop a strong vocabulary;


As the name suggests, it is a dictionary app with “chickens” as theme. It is a word game where you need to create as many words as possible using just seven letters. Although developed for children, adults can also increase their vocabulary using this app. You can learn the meaning of the completed words with just a tap. There are multiple levels of this game with timed and untimed modes.


With Wurdle you can build up your reading and spelling skills. In this crossword-style game, you need to find as many words and phrases as possible within a set time frame. You can download the game at the App Store. As you search for new words, you learn the spelling in the process.


This app is used to build a sense of grammar especially preposition. With it you can learn the correct use of prepositions and their usages. The app provides the user with an image and the user has to drag a preposition to complete a sentence about the image. Every level has an interesting story to unlock. You must complete all the levels to unveil all the stories.


It is also a gaming vocabulary application that lets you strengthen your English skills by playing word games on your smartphone. It doubles up as a handy dictionary of new and challenging words. It has a multiplayer mode, where you can play word, scrambles, and hangman games with your friends. You can share your scores on social media sites like Facebook.


It is a vocabulary training tool that can help students preparing for exams like SAT, GRE, and TOEFL. The app has a database of nearly 5000 words has a customizable UI. Using this application is a pleasurable experience.

There are many such mobile applications in the market these days. However, while choosing you must make sure that it is – cost effective, contains essential features, has a user-friendly interface, has a customizable database of words and meanings. Thus, choosing the right app helps a lot in expanding the vocabulary.

Author Bio: Jacika Posener is an Associate Editor and a dictionary app enthusiast. She writes on English learning websites and ESL help.

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