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Virgin Mobile Deals Have What it takes

Today, fewer and fewer homes have landlines anymore as more and more people make the switch to using their mobile phones as their only phones. And as the technology and features packed into modern “phones” keeps on getting better and faster, mobile devices are even replacing computers for many people! The only problem most consumers have with their mobile devices these days has little to do with the apps offered or the functions they’re capable of handling… for most mobile users the biggest issue is price! That’s why Virgin Mobile offers its customers so many varied and flexible plans and deals: Virgin believes that you should get what you pay for, and not pay for anything you don’t want or need.

Mobile phone deals from Virgin never sticks its customers with a slew of hidden fees and tariffs like other carriers do. Virgin believes in trying to save its customers money, in fact, because they know that when customers are taken care of, they stay loyal. Especially as we call are still climbing out of a time of global recession, this is no time to get locked into an expensive, constricting mobile contract.

Virgin Mobile is proud to offer its customers such deals as Pay Monthly phone deals, for those clients who want to set a monthly rate and then not have to worry about it anymore, and to also offer more active, flexible plans such as the Pay As You Go plan option, when you only pay for the minutes and data you actually use.

As many people these days use their so-called phones for just about everything except making phone calls, Virgin Mobile has also begun offering the revolutionary SIM only plan! These options let a customer use lots of data surfing the web, checking email, and even sending texts, but don’t charge people the same way they would were they placing lots of phone calls. By offering its customers lots of highly differentiated ranges of deals, Virgin Mobile is letting its users create a highly customized, personalized plan, one that is right for them in terms of usage and price.

And of course Virgin Mobile sweetens the already sweet deals, too! Many plans come with phone upgrades at no charge, or come with lots of free minutes or data built into the already low rates. And you can keep your existing phone number and contact info when you switch to a Virgin Mobile plan, of course.

Even today’s cutting edge phones, such as the Android platform and the Samsung Galaxy phones are now being offered by Virgin Mobile, and without the greatly increased data fees or the rigid contracts that other carriers require its customers to sign. Virgin Mobile doesn’t think that just because you upgrade your phone and your service doesn’t mean you need to start paying more for it, too!

If you value great call clarity, fast downloading and uploading of data, and a whole slate of great features, then Virgin Mobile is the carrier for you. And if you can appreciate great pricing even with lots of great options, accompanied by bonuses like phone upgrades and free minutes and data, then VM is definitely your best bet!

Written by: Nathan Morgan has been a technology professional for 16 years and has diverse hands-on experience starting off with a couple of years of mobile phone SMT repair. That was followed by three years as a freelance Visual Basic developer and then a decade dedicated to Linux server security, ecommerce site management and coding in a variety of languages including PHP, SQL and Java.

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