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What Are the Best Tablets for Business Use?

Tablets are beginning to become the apple of the eye of entrepreneurs worldwide because it provides the much needed combination of power and portability, especially for businesses that have a significant part of their workforce outside the office doing business-related tasks. Laptops has since abdicated that distinction, and while it remains to be a very powerful tool—there are many things that you can do with laptops that you can never do with tablets—it has increasingly been relegated to the confines of the office by its smaller brother, the tablets. On the other hand, the tablet’s greatest contender, the smartphone is beginning to lose some of the attention it has before owing to the limitations in its size, which makes it a little difficult to use as a gadget for many business tasks.

In fact, in a survey made by Model Metrics among 448 business organizations, it was found out that 22 percent of these businesses have used tablets in performing business-related tasks, while the remaining 78 percent are planning to formally deploy tablets by the year 2013. Moreover, an astounding 78 percent has claimed that they are already using tablets, though such use is not yet integrated as a formal business policy. The impressive statistics seem to point out to the

One downside to the tablets, to be sure, is that it is difficult to use for actual calls because of its bulk, making the smartphone the first choice of businesses. We are still waiting for developments in the tablet technology that can be at par with smartphone functionalities that include basic call functions, video conferencing, and the maximization of the features provided by various phone service providers, such as RingCentral, to name one.

Given the rising popularity of tablets as a tool for business productivity and efficiency, companies that are just starting to integrate the use of tablets in their daily operations may be astounded by the many choices provided by the growing tablet market. We ran down a few of the most popular and most useful tablets for your consideration. Take a look:

  • Apple’s iPad has wormed it way to the top with its sleek design, uncompromising functionality, and yes, even prestige. In fact, in the same survey by Model Metrics, it was found out that the iPad is the most popular tablet, snagging 83 percent of companies preferring Apple over any other tablet.
  • With a decent bid to rival Apple’s iPad, Samsung’s Android 4.0-run tablet may not be as powerful and aesthetically-pleasing as the iPad, but it is famed for its excellent stylus input, as well as the useful applications available for your use, including Google Maps.
  • Asus has been known for its affordable yet serviceable devices, and the Asus Eee Pad Transformer Prime TF201 is no exception. With a pleasing stylish design, this tablet sports decent specifications and a beautiful display.
  • If you do not mind lousy app selection, then you will do great with Google Nexus 7. This 7-inch tablet that is Google’s first, is a durable yet affordable tablet that is easier to carry around than your iPad.
  • In business, the aim is to increase productivity with the use of devices and the Microsoft RT, which boasts of the latest Windows OS is the best productivity machine there is, and it has a very cool and practical cover keyboard that revolutionizes the way we look at tablets.

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