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What Is Lean Training and Why Should IT Staff Opt for It?

The IT certification programme by the Lean IT Association represents a revolutionary concept that has been drawing attention in competitive work environments. This refers to a type of IT training that retains the core principles of Lean, meant to increase the efficiency of qualified employees within companies across various industries.

People who obtain their first Lean IT certificate have access to superior levels of training, which would otherwise be inaccessible. The learning scheme starts with the Foundation and ends at the Leadership and Coaching levels.

Who can benefit from Lean IT training?

The courses are recommended for a very vast range of IT professionals. It enables better understanding of business processes directed at identifying and eliminating waste in the business process, through their everyday work. The course can be relevant at any IT level. It is also appropriate for anyone who wishes to improve their IT knowledge and skills continuously and achieve better results with less work. Time and distance are of no concern – even the very busy professionals out there can go through the course and manage the learning materials in smaller chunks.

How to get started?

Applicants need to pass an initial test in order to qualify for the first level – the Foundation Level Certification, which will provide them with practical knowledge on essential topics. The Lean IT Foundation certificate will be obtained after the student goes through the entire course and passes the exam at the end. The certified individual will then become able to focus on creating value with a company’s resources and operations. The learning materials are accessible online as an Internet course (e-learning) or via in-house training. People often choose to learn online. Most of them prefer it so because it allows them to learn at their own pace. The exam at the end of the course can be taken for as many times as the student needs.

The results 

Going through the module and obtaining the certification can lead to spectacular results in companies and organisations. Certified staff will become able to improve business activities, cut the costs and add value. In addition, they will improve their control over these business operations. Certified professionals will have acquired a new way to think and act and will work more efficiently (work less with superior results). The customer satisfaction also increases as a consequence.

The essence of the course

Students will begin by grasping the basic concepts of Lean IT, learn how to use its analysis tools and find out the ways in which they can use the Lean knowledge in the companies they work or wish to work for. In addition, they will understand how the philosophy behind the course can be applied to the IT field. At their workplace, they will be more agile and better organised, so they can improve the service quality.

Obtaining the certificate ensures benefits for everyone involved: the IT specialist, the company they work for, as well as the customers. The course is one that really everyone in the IT industry should consider attending. It makes for an essential stage in continuous IT development and introduces knowledge and skills in a gradual manner, for perfect assimilation. No prior technical IT knowledge is required for the first level of certification.

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