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What SEO Profession Is and What It Is Not

SEO has unfortunately received a lot of flak lately. It is no wonder then that SEO experts have been targeted unfairly by many businesses without even understanding what the profession is all about. SEO is more than just black hat SEO, which most experts do not follow. Earlier, link baiting, link selling, stuffing keywords and other malpractices were followed by companies that called themselves SEO agencies. They were in no way related to real search engine optimization and did more damage to both the Internet and the profession than they did any benefit. With that in mind, here are a few things to remember before dismissing SEO as an outdated profession.

  1. SEO is the practice of making information accessible to those who search online
  2. SEO is not about keyword stuffing
  3. SEO is not about link baiting
  4. SEO does not mean one should always dance to the tunes of mysterious search engine algorithms
  5. SEO does not entail unfair practices

Search engine optimization is a profession in which experienced experts help their clients to make their information available on the Internet without any of their information getting lost or appearing wrongly in search queries.

With that in mind, it is a good idea to learn what this profession is actually all about:

SEO makes information accessible

A search engine optimization expert makes sure that content is available in the right place for the right query. Whenever users search for information, they usually key in keywords so that they get the information they want. An SEO expert helps companies identify these keywords which may matter to them.

SEO helps build relevant content

A search engine expert helps companies to develop great content that is relevant to their business. An SEO expert also makes sure that a company is not writing irrelevant stuff without considering what their products and services are really all about.

SEO makes companies more visible

In this day and age of a deluge of websites and web pages, companies are increasingly finding themselves lost in cyberspace. An SEO professional helps companies to identify their niche, formulate keywords around which their content can be built and ensure that they are visible for the right audience with the help of social media.

SEO saves money

Using the services of a search engine optimization company may help companies to ensure that the content they develop brings back the ROOI they are expecting. It ensures that time and money is not wasted unnecessarily.

With that in mind, we must remember that SEO has greatly changed over the years and the profession now places more importance on quality content and being relevant. Companies must understand that without being relevant they will not achieve much even with a great looking website. Thus, companies should explore what their niches are and who their target audience is. Based on that, they can build content so that their information becomes visible across search engines and social media. With this in mind, a lot of air can be cleared about the profession of SEO.

Author Bio: Idania is an SEO professional who helps companies to make their content more visible. While she is not working for clients, she tries to clear misconceptions about her profession.


About the Author

About the Author: Idania Silvia a freelance writer for many communities.

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