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What Small Business Owners Look For

While there are a lot of products and services offered to satisfy the communication needs of small business owners, there is still a lot of room for improvement. Small business owners and their employees can easily identify such needs since they are the ones who have first-hand experience with their communication system and they can list down a number of things that they wish their communication system can do, or at least, do in a different way.

In a survey that was conducted about the difficulties experienced by subscribers and that small business owners and their employees wish to have an improvement on, a number of unexpected issues came up. This survey will surely be an effective basis for improving products and services including the business phone service.

Cast Away

Although most business phone system service providers promise a smooth remote-working experience, some small business owners find services inadequate for such purpose. These difficulties involve the audio quality, video quality, network connection stability, and reliability. In such cases, it is always important that small business owners qualify the limitations of such service especially when most of their communication needs will be about mobile or remote communications. Aside from what the service providers are capable of, it should also be clear to the subscribers what their limitations are. Before a small business owner signs a long-term contract, the conditions should be clarified. If it is possible, it would be best to have the product or service tested.

Sometimes, it is also a matter of miscommunication or failure to follow installation or modifying control settings accurately. In case of difficulties, it will be best to get in touch with customer support or the service provider’s technical support team to have everything checked for technical issues that are probably caused by some slight setting errors. This will save small business owners a lot of resources such as time, effort, and finances.


Small business owners perform a lot of different tasks. Not all of them have assistants and secretaries to take care of record keeping, for generating reports, and other documentation and data manipulation tasks. In line with this, most of them are looking for time-saving processes in documentation-related tasks, especially the integration of communications into office applications. This will make data recording and manipulation a lot easier and will help them save time and effort that they can use in other processes in their business operations. These tasks usually take a lot of time and small business owners and assistants will surely be thankful if the integration will be more efficient and easy to use.


One of the worries of small business owners is the complexity of installing and using a business phone system. Most of them worry about needing technically trained people to do everything for them. This is actually time consuming and stressful when all small business owners want to be in total control of business operations. Although most service providers provide free training for people who will be in-charge of the communication system, it is important that the user interface and control panel is easy to understand and operate. There are service providers, especially for PBX and VoIP communication systems that are successful in this matter. Modifications and actions that used to be done only by technicians may now be made by small business owners or their employees. Some people find it hard because of their apprehensions and worrying that they might mess up the whole communication system by committing a single mistake. They are afraid that it will damage the communication system altogether and they will have to wait for the support team to fix it for them. With easier interface, these problems may be avoided.

These details should be explained and understood clearly for an efficient communication system usage.

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