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What To Do With Your Old Smartphone?

Did you just buy a new smartphone and now you do not know what to do with the old device? You can, of course, put it in a drawer or on a closet shelf and forget about it for good, but there would be no benefits from such a decision. In this article, we will tell you about what you can do with an old and seemingly unnecessary device so that it continues to serve some purpose.

What To Do With Your Old Smartphone?

Sell it: 

The first thing that comes to mind, when there is a question of getting rid of an old smartphone is to sell it. Mobile devices are accepted at some stores, as well as at some service centers. You can also try to sell it on the Internet. If you have a Samsung for instance , check out some Samsung phone prices and set yours appropriately. Of course, you are unlikely to get a lot of money for a relatively old device, but even a small amount of money is better than nothing.

Dispose of it in a Right Way

Many phone manufacturers have their own recycling programs (Apple, for instance). Just go to the site of a smartphone manufacturer and see if they have such a program.

Use it as your Backup Phone

Are you sure that you do not need a spare phone? Maybe you are keen on tourism or you are often sent on business trips, sometimes to places where a device can be stolen, where it can be lost or broken? Why risk a costly brand new gadget, if you can bring your old smartphone? This way you will not feel that bad if anything happens to it.

Turn it into a Gaming Console

You can play games on your old phone. Cram all your memory with games and have fun to the fullest! What? You are saying that you have a new device, which is more powerful? That is great, but on the old gadget, you can play the old, time-tested games: Retro is now in fashion, and nostalgia in reasonable doses has not harmed anyone.

Use your Old Smartphone as an e-book

Since you can read on your smartphone, there is no need to purchase a reader. In addition, reading on an old smartphone can save some battery life in the new one. You take an old smartphone, delete all unnecessary stuff from the memory, install some good app, download some books – and you are good to go! Read some classics, get acquainted with some new things, read everything that comes into your heads ranging from science fiction to experimental works of postmodern.

Experiment with it

If you have a new smartphone, say the latest iPhone 6s or the latest Samsung phone and you would like to install the latest firmware on it, but you are not sure that it is able to cope with this task, why not experiment on the old device? You do not need it much anyway and it has no important data on it, and if the experiment fails – it does not actually matter, does it?

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