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What You Should Know Before Installing A New Shower Cubicle

A shower enclosure in your bathroom is a great idea – there are simply too many advantages to name them all. Not only does the shower save a lot of space, it also ensures a cleaner bathing experience, allows you to save a significant amount of your budget in terms of water and heating, and the initial expenses are minimal compared to alternatives you might find on the market. The shower is beyond compare when it comes to efficiency in terms of space, money, and time. However, you can’t just install any shower cubicle in your bathroom – you need to think the process through. Here’s what you need to know before installing a new shower cubicle.

Installing around a bath?

If you’re planning to install an enclosure around your bath, it’s important you examine your bath first – after all, the dimensions of the enclosure will be determined by those of your bath, and you’ll want a tight fit that eliminates any leakage or water drainage. You’ll also want to check the location of your bath (is it located along the wall, for example?) as this will influence the cost of the installation and the requirements of materials that are used.

Plan the project

Planning a new project in a bathroom (regardless of what that project may be) is never as easy as it seems – there is the existing décor to take into account as well as the existing plumbing and electrical works. Without proper planning, the project could end up costing a lot more than originally planned, and without the proper design layout, a lot of adjustments may have to be made. Put your plan on paper and start with the basic infrastructure.

Draw the plan

Put it on paper – make a blueprint. Make sure to ensure schematics of existing plumbing and electrical networks.

Choosing the door

When you’re planning the shower cubicle, the door tends to be the most important decision you will ever make – not just in terms of aesthetics, but also because of practicality. Consider a swinging or sliding door (space) and consider the maintenance of it.

Remember: the smaller your bathroom is, the greater your attention for detail should be – those blessed with a larger bathroom may be able to create the interior around a certain theme, but those who have to make do with limited space need to be creative and make beauty count with smaller items. For smaller bathrooms, the shower doors will probably be the focus, so make those count. Choosing the right shower cubicles will make a big difference; the overall look and feel of the bathroom largely depends on it. Never be afraid to look around and ask for information – take your time and choose wisely.

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