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Published on November 11th, 2013 | by Kinjal Adeshara


Why PHP Is A Smart Choice For Ecommerce Shopping Cart Development

The number of entrepreneurs entering the e-commerce business every year is truly astounding. Business owners have realized that there is no better way to reach customers all over the world than opening an online store that stays active 24×7.

One of the primary components of an e-commerce website is the shopping cart. Shopping carts help buyers select items and pay for the invoice using their credit cards through a secure online payment gateway. However, this is not the only benefit of shopping carts. Website admins also enjoy lots of advantages such as tax calculation, invoice generation, auto response main sending, inventory management and many more.

When it comes to custom shopping cart development for e-commerce business, there are many options, but if you want a robust and scalable solution, PHP is the ideal programming language for shopping cart creation. Some of the very popular shopping carts such as Magento Shopping cart, CRE Loaded Shopping cart, osCommerce Shopping cart, Zen Cart Shopping cart, OSC Max Shopping cart and X-Cart Shopping cart are built on PHP.

Have you ever thought why e-commerce shopping cart developers prefer PHP so much? Here are the main reasons.

Easy to Learn:

If you have basic coding knowledge, you won’t take much time to learn PHP coding techniques. Once you know the coding principles, you can easily start building a custom shopping cart for your online shop. It is no child’s play, but it is easier than other options and so there is no dearth of savvy PHP programmers who can help build a customized and complex shopping cart.

Develop the Solution Faster:

PHP allows you to implement quick solutions of complex issues. Thus, your shopping cart development time decreases and as you know, shorter development time means faster entry into the world of e-commerce.

Great Integration:

A PHP based shopping cart will run across major OS platforms such as Windows and UNIX. And, it is quite easy to integrate PHP with a wide range of web services.


It is one of the biggest advantages of using PHP for shopping cart development. Over the years, your e-commerce business will grow and in order to meet the exceeding demands of business growth, you may need to add new features to the shopping cart. For example, if you start delivering items overseas, you have to calculate the shipping charges and excise duty as per the rules of each country. If you use PHP, you can add this functionality very quickly.

No Cost:

PHP is a free programming language and that means as a developer, you can enjoy ultimate freedom. Anyone can build a shopping cart with the help of PHP, without signing any license or paying any royalty. You can also update your software from time to time by implementing the latest improvements for free.


When customers buy products online, they want the system to respond as quickly as they take an action. As PHP does not use much of a system’s resources in order to run operations, it responses really fast to end-users’ actions. Thus, users get a pleasant shopping experience. Hosting a PHP powered shopping cart is also quite easy.

Plenty of Resources:

When I say resources, I mean two types of resources. First, there are lots of online PHP forums on web and members are always eager to help fellow programmers. During a shopping cart development project, programmers face various challenges and these communities help programmers find the solutions.

Secondly, there are plenty of programmers in the market with years of experience in PHP. Developing a shopping cart requires extensive knowledge in coding and debugging. So, if you think that you don’t have what it takes to develop the software, you can always hire a PHP expert for your project.

The usability of a shopping cart determines the success of an online store. With the help of PHP, you can build a secure and reliable shopping cart to help your target customers search, buy and checkout in a hassle-free manner.

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