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Published on October 19th, 2016 | by Ryan


Why PSD To HTML Conversion Is Still In The Race

In this competitive world, it is very important to have an online presence of your business. Time has changed and now people prefer to search every information on the internet first. So for the same reason, having a website is very crucial. Gone are the days when businesses held door-to-door campaigns as a part of marketing and made face to face deals. Now businesses are run by websites in this digital marketplace.

Many small businesses have understood this lesson and so they have started to build up websites that are interactive and responsive in nature. If you too have got the hint, then it is time for you to get on the track. When we think about website development, the first thing that crosses our mind is PSD to HTML.

Why opt for PSD to HTML?

There are some reasons which make it very clear why you should go for PSD to HTML:

  • Website becomes more visible on search engines
  • Websites are free from errors
  • SEO structure versatile
  • Compatible across browsers
  • Better user experience

Isn’t it out of the league now?

If you are one of them who believes that PSD to HTML is no more in trend, then it is time for you to change your mindset. For two main reasons, it is still prevalent.

Firstly, before the introduction of CSS for browsers, it was really a painful task to develop cross-browser capabilities without making use of images. But now with HTML, you can get the task done easily and much quickly.

Secondly, now you can have different browsing view ports. Now you can easily develop responsive websites with the help of HTML, which can be opened and used on different devices with the internet connection.

So now you know they are still in league!

Best practices to be followed

You need to pay a lot of attention when you are moving from PSD to HTML. Good knowledge of codes, best practices for HTML as well as good experience in the field is required.

The following tips will help developers in the task:

  • Say no to inline styles – When you are working on markup, it is recommended not to use inline styling. Once the coding of the website is completed apply styling.
  • Validate codes – It is very important to check you web pages for errors once the coding is over. This will help to avoid any issues that will come when rendering the web.
  • Better navigation – Proper navigation on the website is very important and you cannot compromise on that. If there are any unordered elements on the web page, better order them with the CSS, which will help to make navigation menus look good.

The main purpose of PSD to HTML conversion is to make sure that your website gets all the features of HTML and it improves the overall performance of the website. With this steps, you will be able to improve the working of web pages which eventually improves the working of the website.

Understand that having a properly working website is the key to reaching all those targeted leads out there. So only if you manage to put in right efforts you will be able to get something worthy. So opting for PSD to HTML will help you gain that.

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