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Why You Need A User Defined Network In The Cloud

The ability to establish and access multiple sub networks is not just a cloud away. Imagine that at the most critical time of need, all of your servers being Internet linked. Most of the consumer grade hosting suppliers functions at this level. This practice places major restrictions on your networking capabilities. The major disadvantage dedicated servers causes customers is the limitations applied by the hosting companies or other providers. The capability to network with other servers is nearly nonexistent with dedicated servers.

The introduction of a user defined network in the cloud presents the ability to explore and have greater control of your server connections. Introducing sub networks, customized designing of your network, implementing of firewalls and load balances is only a fraction of the possibilities placed at your fingertips with user defined networking. One of the most important concerns in networking is speed and of course security. The user defined network in the cloud has mastered both these concerns. The hardware design is highly intelligent in that it possesses greater speed and tops the chart of reliability when compared to Ethernet.

The sophisticated build up of this design comes complete with dual InfiniBand network interface cards. This network card has been constructed to be resistant to failure of any switch or router. Security measures taken to assure complete trust in this network spared no room for error.

You will notice InfiniBand offers a speed 8 xs faster that of the fastest current Ethernet. This is especially notices when you’ve been often throttled by your previous host server. Regardless of your load, InfiniBand is designed to be resistant to network collisions. The ability to obtain the speed you desire at the security level you require is an essential part of successful networking. The user defined network in the cloud will definitely equip you with both features. No other server is designed to outperform the capabilities of this network.

The amount of available space that accompanies this convenient network is essential to proper performance as well. Your data is stored at a rate of double redundancy. The combination of the InfiniBand this data along with the InfiniBand networking produces speeds much greater than those of former storage availability in networking. The double redundant feature is one in which the data is stored in sub units that reflect each other and supplies data storage again redundantly in the same unit. All of this is standard at no extra cost.

The performance benefits are great and essential to your needs and demands. Another important question to answer is what the cost would be to afford such speed and security. It should offer a certain level of comfort to know that this network is setup with a transparent, non complex price point. Another factor that sets it aside from the cost of the non defined networks is that many of the extras come at no extra cost but are standard with your package. These extras include but are not limited to, unlimited storage, graphical data center design, unlimited firewalls and load balances, support from senior ranked system admins and unlimited networks and network bandwidths.

It is imperative that once you’ve decided that this is exactly what your company needs and is offered at a price you can afford, that you are guaranteed the support of a knowledgeable technical team in the event of an issue. There is a senior support engineer on the line at the beginning of every call. This would be the engineer that is dedicated to your system and troubleshooting protocol.

This support team initiates the hard work that goes into assuring that product development is supreme and all maintenance issues are met with extreme urgency. Their quality of service states that customers take priority and are treated with the same priority. It is shown that dedicated servers require a high level of efficient specifications but with restricted allowances. It is geared to run a specified computer or storage task and you have the tedious responsibility of guessing the capacity you would require. The level of accuracy surrounding your estimate is not figuratively precise and could cause you to have much less than needed.

Your error in calculations could result in added cost due to the under or over estimation of space needed. This is a common error but when made can become quite costly. The cloud eliminates the guess work involving the speed, security and the amount of space you’ll need and saves you money overall.

The security offered by the cloud user defined network is enough alone to eliminate any other options. You maintain complete technical control of your data. The redundant technology delivers unsurpassable speed and knowledgeable troubleshooting. Your dedicated software will be constantly monitored which offers you extreme protection. Security, low maintenance cost and warp speed is all there. It’s in the Cloud with a user defined network.

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