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Why You Should Integrate Social Media With Your Website

When businesses first discovered the internet, it was deemed acceptable to have a single website that showed off what they had to offer. That has changed in recent years, with social media sites like Facebook and Twitter requiring businesses to expand their online presence. Even the greatest looking website design will be considered somewhat outdated if social media are not somehow incorporated into the mix. It’s actually a very good idea for businesses to take advantage of the social media craze, as it’s an incredibly effective way to reach millions of potential customers in a relatively short period of time.

Better Online Presence

If you have a website that has become somewhat stagnant, or are yet to really do anything to build an online presence, now is the time to change that. Website design companies are now savvy to the fact that social media is kind of a big deal, which is why the vast majority of them now offer design packages that include a website and social media integration. These can be as simple as buttons on the site that link to your social pages, or even embedded code that shows all of your outside activity on the main page of your website.

Promote Your Brand Using Unique Ways

There is still something of a stigma attached to social media that many business owners view it as a place for silly cat videos and family photos. The reality is that it’s a lot more powerful than that and should be viewed as a perfect way to build your brand. Each of the individual social media sites has their own unique way of allowing you to do that, starting off with the massive entity that is Facebook.

Billons of Users – Must Target Them

With over a billion users, Facebook is the social media site that simply cannot be ignored. Opting for a website design that does somehow incorporate Facebook into the picture means potentially missing out on a ton of business. It’s the perfect place to get in touch with your customers on a more personal level, with everything you post linking back to your website. If you can deliver content that people want to share and talk about, your business can benefit from a campaign that quickly goes viral.

Reach to Your Customer with Short Messages

There are times when you don’t really have a lot to say, or simply want to get a quick blurb out to the masses. This is where Twitter and its 140 character limit are absolutely perfect. You can easily incorporate a Twitter widget into your website design so that your visitors can follow all the action from your Twitter feed. Another great way to let customers see what you are up to is via Instagram. Alost all new mobile devices have a camera of some kind, and the Instagram app is one that allows you to snap pictures and share through your various online outlets.

The goal of website design nowadays is not just about creating a site where visitors can come to view your products or services. It’s now about building a brand and creating authority, which can only really be achieved by making sure that social media is part of your online marketing plan.

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