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Why Your Small Business Can Benefit from Using the Cloud

Cloud computing has brought about many concerns with small and large business owners. However, with so many emerging technologies and the lower costs being available because of cloud computing, small business owners are wondering why they aren’t already using the cloud, especially those with business intelligence training. Here are 6 ways your small business can benefit from using cloud.

Reduce Your Expenses
As a startup or small business owner, you need to save money wherever you can. Cloud computing is so beneficial because it can save you money on employee overhead and capital expenses. If you own a lot of software applications and hardware, you need at least one IT administrator to manage everything. Using cloud computing eliminates an IT team all together, meaning there are no salaries, benefits, and less real estate to worry about.

Cloud computing also saves you money by eliminating software and licensing fees. You can easily stay in compliance with cloud computing because the vendor will back the data up securely. You no longer are at risk of files being stolen at the office.

Pay As You Go Solutions

Most software vendors require you to pay licensing fees, software fees, and installation fees, all up front. Cloud solution companies offer software plans to fit your small business needs and budget. There are no long term commitments. You pay month to month and can easily adjust your plan to expand as your business grows.

Data Is Backed up Automatically
As a business owner your primary objective is running the operations of the company. You don’t have time to back up your data or find storage solution options. Cloud computing automatically backs your data and makes retrieval of information simple. You will never have to worry about system crashing and losing your valuable information.

Have a Completely Virtual Team

You are not required to have an office when using the cloud. Your entire team can be remote and have easy access to files while on the go. It’s easy to collaborate as a team because files are updated instantly. This adds to your team’s productivity. You are not restricted in where you need to be or when you need to be somewhere because you are waiting on a presentation to be uploaded. You can work on important documents at home, at a coffee shop, or in between meetings.

Adaptive Technology for Growing Solutions
Small business owners also do not want to deal with constantly upgrading their hardware and software. They want access to the latest solutions at fractions of the cost. Using the cloud, you have an entire IT team who can analyze the solutions you need without the overhead expenses. There are minimal training requirements. However, there are hosts of training materials already prepared.

Easy To Use
A small business can be up and running on the cloud in literally moments. There is nothing to download to your own computer. Cloud systems are accessible on PC’s, MAC’s, Tablets, and IPhones. It’s easy to merge current documents over to a cloud.

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