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Will Mobile Devices One Day Replace Desktop Computers?

Will you one day be reading this article from a smartphone or tablet? Maybe you already are. Mobile device users have surpassed desktop computer users and with good reason. But, will mobile devices one day make desktop computers obsolete? While it’s still too early in the game for a clear yes or no answer, there are some interesting things to consider about how mobile technology will advance and how it could change the ballgame.

How Mobile Devices and Desktops Currently Compare

There are some major difference between mobile devices and desktop computers. One of the biggest is the amount of storage space. Many of today’s desktop computers come with 1TB or more of storage. That’s compared to the 128GB iPad. Another key concern is video. Desktop computers are equipped with the best video cards on the market. To be fair, many mobile devices are now equipped with HD, which makes them look great, but they couldn’t run many of today’s robust games.

How Will Mobile Devices Need to Change

First things first. Mobile devices need to be able to store more content. There also needs to be more money invested in projection technology. If computer users were able to project a 20 inch screen from their mobile device, that would make a big difference in the ballgame. Just imagine being able to have a desktop experience from anywhere and then being able to pack it away inside a small case. Obviously, video cards needs to be enhanced, but doing so in such a small space seems questionable. Though nanotechnology may make it possible.

What Are the Advantages to Increasing Mobile Technology

Increasing mobile technology could open a whole new world for app developers and app users. With increasing technology, more robust apps could be made. Another huge benefits would be the amount of energy saved. A desktop computer costs roughly $0.035 per hour to run, whereas a tablet costs a little over $1.30 per year to charge. Imagine that saves times millions of consumers. It could be huge!

Will mobile devices  and cheap unlocked phones replace desktop computers? It’s a good possibility, but then again, people asked the same question when laptops became mainstream. The simple truth is mobile technology has a long way to go before it can truly compete with desktop computers. In the meantime, many households will continue to use a desktop computer while also owning tablets and smartphones. They may use mobile devices more for the sheer convenience the devices offer, but will rely on desktop computers for playing resource sucking video games.

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