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Windows RT: The Fight Isn’t Over Yet

As we all know, Windows RT and Surface RT, together with Windows RT on several other platforms did fairly well despite Microsoft’s efforts. Nvidia’s Tegra processors, which run on Surface RT, were the latest collateral damage in Microsoft’s latest miss. When Windows and Surface RT were first launched, so many skeptics came forward like from nowhere but Microsoft was still hopeful that the fate of their latest product might get better in time. Although this isn’t a total impossibility, most people are not sure as to how this will happen. What do you think should Microsoft do?

The Ideal Scenario

First off, Microsoft should carry out some sort of a forensic investigation for their business plan. There is news that they have already tapped some of the industry’s best software developers to create and build applications for the relatively new Metro or the Modern UI. Launching Windows 8 solely for Intel architecture is their way of making it easy for developers to bypass the Modern UI since older and earlier Windows programs are already running on it. However, if the tides turn and Surface RT becomes a success, software developers will certainly want to be a part of it. They would also opt to write and build Metro applications to take advantage of their ability to run on both platforms.

The Reality

The reality is that not everything is peachy at the moment, especially for Windows and Surface RT. Actually there are very few developers who are more than willing to create Metro apps as compared to the measly number of users who are able to run these Metro apps. Microsoft seems to be on the losing end of the stick for years now, including the time when they came out with the not-so well-received Windows Vista. Although millions of copies were sold, users were pretty disappointed with Vista’s overall performance. Microsoft really needs a win, and soon.

This fall, users can expect a touch-enabled Windows system from Microsoft. And like any other product they have recently launched, there will be hype and it will be heavily promoted in order to lure people in to buy and try the application. If you think about it, Microsoft’s biggest obstacle is to convince software developers to create and build applications for their devices and store. Users are constantly in the market for useful apps they can take advantage of, whether they are VoIP apps, online games, or new chatting applications. They will pay good money for apps that will be able to meet their requirements and this is the challenge that Microsoft must overcome—coming up with applications and programs interesting and useful enough to draw in millions of users.

Good Apps=More users

When good apps grace the Store, users will automatically come in and most of them will feel the need to go get themselves their very own RT devices. No need to force them or over-hype things as over-hyping products only leads consumers to expect so much more than what the product can actually provide and this will only upset them in the end. Coming up with more good and useful apps is the best way to attract consumers. Frankly, it isn’t so hard to understand. Consumers go where there are good products and where their needs are being met. Aside from the great applications, Microsoft must also focus on their price points. With so many alternative options available on the market today, price is always one of the major considerations of consumers. Yes, it is imperative that you offer consumers with top notch products and programs but they also need to come with reasonable prices, otherwise they will be compelled to try other products that their budgets can accommodate.

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