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SikTrix BMX Games Review

SikTrix is a BMX-style game that allows players to simulate BMX tricks in a variety of courses with multiple characters to choose from. The game also allows players to customize their own courses, which may be enticing to those who enjoy building their own layouts. The objective of SikTrix is to earn as many points as possible before the timer runs out, which can be earned by performing various tricks and grabbing power ups throughout the course. High scores will unlock secret levels, but players must keep their Confidence Level up in order to perform more difficult tricks.


In SikTrix, players use the arrow keys to pedal and change direction while the space-bar is used to jump. Players can use the arrow keys in mid-air to complete various tricks, but can also use them in combination with the Z and X keys to perform more complicated tricks. In order to perform better tricks without crashing, the player must keep his Confidence Level (CL) up by riding faster and completing basic tricks without crashing.

Difficulty Level:

SikTrix BMX is pretty easy compared to other BMX games. While the game itself offers challenging obstacles to get around and tilting your bike too far in any direction can cause you to crash, the controls are easy to learn and crashes don’t cause you to lose the game. To some players, this lack of consequences can be boring, but other players may enjoy the easy-going gameplay.


SikTrix BMX is a decently fun game that has many more features than some of the other BMX games that are available on the Internet. The game features 4 characters to choose from right off the bat and another 9 that can be unlocked, each of which can be further customized by choosing which shirt, pants, and shoes the character is wearing. SikTrix BMX also features 4 different courses to choose from and also includes a Course Editor that allows players to create their own custom courses by dropping objects, buildings, and ramps onto the scene.

The course itself is littered with multiple obstacles and the controls are easy to understand. The bottom of the screen displays stats about the game, such as how fast the player is moving, how much time is left on the clock, and the player’s score. While tricks are limited to an arrow key and space bar combinations, additional points can be earned by grabbing Sun-shaped pills throughout the course. Although crashes don’t result in bloody catastrophes, the character does get knocked off his bike and stumbles around for a few seconds before getting back on. Unlike some BMX games, crashing doesn’t result in a sudden death. In fact, you can’t actually lose in SikTrix BMX; you simply play until the timer runs out and see how many points you have earned. This game is recommended for anyone looking for a decent BMX game.

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